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Greater Cleveland Aquarium is filled with intriguing aquatic life from the Great Lakes and colorful sea creatures from around the globe. From weedy seadragons to a giant Pacific octopus, you can see more than 2,700 animals representing 250 species. Many of the habitats in our 7 galleries offer unique views—including an 11,000-gallon touch pool inhabited by cownose and Atlantic stingrays and an 175-foot sea tube that takes you to the ocean floor where pufferfish, angelfish and 3 species of shark swim beside and above you.

Although we love a good selfie in the shark gallery, we encourage guests to unplug and reconnect with the marine world and each other. Interactive opportunities abound and knowledgeable guest experience associates are stationed to answer questions your smartphone cannot, like “How old is that frog?”, or “Don’t you think that fish looks a lot like my grandpa?” So, whether it’s checking out a poison dart frog’s toepads or watching a sea star’s tiny tube feet in action, we invite you to spend some quality time with us because nature is a curious thing.

Address & Info

Greater Cleveland Aquarium
2000 Sycamore Street
Cleveland, OH 44113
Toll Free: 855.602.3040