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From welcoming new residents to adding programs, there’s always something new to see or do.

New Residents

Next time you visit, keep your eyes open for these species. Some are excellent at blending in, so it may take a while to spot them.

Closeup of a Vietnamese mossy frog on a log
Vietnamese Mossy Frogs

A Vietnamese mossy frog’s body pattern, texture and color camouflage well with moss. This frog has sticky toe pads that help it cling to rocks.

Panther Grouper at bottom of cylinder in Industry & Habitat Gallery
Panther Grouper

The panther grouper has a distinct pattern of black spots with gray-and-brown patches around them. It is sometimes called a humpback grouper because of the curved shape of the head and body.

Golden Dart Frogs
Golden Dart Frogs

Golden dart frogs have joined the Azureus Blue, Patricia Dyeing and Green & Black poison dart frogs already inhabiting the Tropical Forest Gallery. They are the most toxic species of poison dart frog. The golden dart frog can be gold, orange or mint green in color.