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Dwarf seahorse.

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New Residents

Next time you visit, keep your eyes open for these species. Some are excellent at blending in, so it may take a while to spot them.

Chocolate chip sea star at Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Chocolate Chip Sea Star

Also known as the “knobbly sea star” and the “horned sea star” these sea stars are found in the Indo-Pacific from Australia to

Dwarf Seahorse at Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Dwarf Seahorse

Dwarf seahorses are one of the smallest species of seahorses. These seahorses reach a maximum of 2 inches when fully grown. Look very closely for them in the Coastal Boardwalk Gallery.

Chinese Hi-Fin Banded Shark at Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Chinese Hi-Fin Banded Shark

Named for their large curved dorsal fin. They are not sharks they are a type of sucker. Also called Chinese Sucker.

Spotted Garden Eel at Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Spotted Garden Eels

When startled, spotted garden eels seek shelter in their burrows in the sand. These eels can be found in large colonies of hundreds of individuals.

Southern Redbelly Dace at Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Southern Redbelly Dace

Found in North America in the Great Lakes, Mississippi River, Tennessee River, Kansas River and Arkansas River drainage basins.

Lamarck's Angelfish at Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Lamarck's Angelfish

Commonly found in coral and rocky reefs or near steep slopes and drop-offs, these fish usually stay in small groups of three to seven.