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New Residents

Next time you visit, keep your eyes open for these species. Some are excellent at blending in, so it may take a while to spot them.

Dwarf Seahorse

Dwarf Seahorse

Dwarf seahorses are one of the smallest species of seahorses. These seahorses reach a maximum of 2 inches when fully grown. Look very closely for them in the Coastal Boardwalk Gallery.

Gulf Pipefish

Gulf Pipefish

Gulf pipefish can be found in freshwater and saltwater habitats. These pipefish can live in seagrass beds, bays, estuaries, creeks, rivers and streams.

Fathead Minnow - Photo by Rankin1958

Fathead Minnow

Fathead minnows is an Ohio native species that is also found throughout Canada, North America and Mexico. These minnows are commonly observed swimming in small schools.

Spotted Garden Eel

Spotted Garden Eels

When startled, spotted garden eels seek shelter in their burrows in the sand. These eels can be found in large colonies of hundreds of individuals.

Weedy Sea Dragon Hatchling

Sea Dragon Hatchlings

Weedy sea dragon were born at the Aquarium in fall of 2021. These hatchlings are quickly growing. At birth they were less than 1 inch tall. As of June 2022, many exceeded 4 inches in length.

Boesemani Crayfish

Boesemani Crayfish

Boesemani crayfish are also called blue moon crayfish. Look for them in the Asia & Indonesia habitat alongside colorful rainbowfish!