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A Greater Cleveland Aquarium educator filming a sandtiger shark.

Virtual Field Trips

Class, Group & Library Programs

We offer flexible virtual programming designed to meet the needs of any group from anywhere. Mix and match topics from our ‘menu’ for a customizable feel or choose from programming already designed for specific grade bands. All options include a live, interactive program with Q&A opportunities throughout.

General availability for all virtual programming is Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm.

LIBRARIES: A 45-minute program can be adjusted to Early Literacy, Children, Teen and Adult Program levels.

All programs take place on Zoom. The Aquarium’s Zoom version can host up to 99 individual log-ins. Virtual programs do not include Aquarium admission. Program availability is subject to change as programs are booked. Participating parties are responsible for having internet access. Payment is required upon registration. We recommend booking at least 2 weeks in advance.

Choose Your Desired Program Length

45-minute library program – $50
45-minute school program – $90
60-minute school program – $150
75-minute school program – $225

Next, Select 1 or 2 Program Topics

An Aquarium educator will cater your selected topic(s) for the appropriate age range. We can likely accommodate a custom program not listed here if you have a particular focus in mind.

  • Camouflage
  • Wild, Weird & Creepy
  • Food Chains
  • Invertebrates
  • Habitats
  • Conservation
  • Animal Senses
  • Defense Mechanisms
  • Physical Adaptations
  • Behavioral Adaptations

Or Choose from the Programs Below:

Recommended grade levels align with state standards covered in the program.

How to Book

To book a program, email, call 216.862.8803 x7715, or click below to fill out a request form.

Virtual - Shapes & Colors

[Recommended for Preschool – Kindergarten]
The world around us consists of all kinds of shapes and colors to sort and classify. With many animals that look very different from one another, the same is true at the Aquarium. Get a sense of the wide variety of appearances these creatures have. We’ll compare shapes and colors on-screen to relatable, everyday items as we tour.

Virtual - Habitat Exploration

[Recommended for Kindergarten – 2nd Grade]
Our Earth is home to an incredible diversity of animal habitats. Take a journey through Ohio freshwater, tropical forests, coral reefs, the open ocean and others. Discover the differences in how animals survive in these vastly different ecosystems. Compare and contrast what makes the habitats different from each other and how each affects the animals living there.



Virtual - CSI

[Recommended for Kindergarten – 2nd Grade]
Animals look different from each other because of how and where they live. Explore how the Aquarium’s wide array of animal residents get oxygen, find food, use water and seek shelter. Creature Science Investigators (CSI) is always a favorite for class field trips. It translates well to the virtual world, where students can get up-close, unobstructed views of animal adaptations in each gallery.

Virtual - Aquatic Adaptations

[Recommended for 3rd Grade – 5th Grade]
Aquatic Adaptations is another fan favorite program, both in-person and in the virtual realm. Learn about the fascinating diversity of adaptations found in the animal world and at the Aquarium. Discover how specific adaptations help animals survive and thrive in their habitat. Learn structures and functions on this in-depth adventure.



Virtual - Energy Required

[Recommended for 3rd Grade – 5th Grade]
Animals are part of a much larger system of interactions than we might think. Each organism at the Aquarium plays an important role in its ecosystem. Take a journey into food webs and learn about predator-prey interactions. Explore deeper topics along the way including invasive species, symbiotic relationships and where humans fit into ecosystem health.

Virtual - Rainforests of Earth & Sea

[Recommended for 6th Grade – 8th Grade]
The Aquarium has a diverse mix of freshwater and saltwater ecosystems from across the globe. Learn about biotic and abiotic factors that make each place unique, while getting an up-close view of the animals. Dive a little into conservation of endangered habitats and species as it ties into ecosystem health.

Virtual - Careers & Conservation

[Recommended for High School – College] 
Now is the chance to get in-depth with an Aquarium educator about potential careers beyond school. In addition to answering student questions pertaining to career paths, the program will revolve around issues in the natural world and how to solve them. Topics can include endangered and invasive species, water quality, pollution, habitat loss and others. We all have the power to improve things more than you might realize!

Virtual - Habitat Encounters

[Recommended for all ages]
We also offer gallery-specific virtual programs. These are all 20-25 minutes in length and cost $75. 

Choose from: 

  • Ohio Lakes and Rivers + Asia & Indonesia
  • Tropical Forest + Industry & Habitats
  • Stingray and Coastal Boardwalk
  • Shark Gallery

Online - Library Aquatic Escape

[This 45-minute virtual library program can be adjusted for Early Literacy, Children, Teens and Adults]
Experience the pages of your books come to life as we explore Ohio lakes and faraway oceans and learn about some amazing species along the way. This program is live and interactive, so we can ask our own questions along the way! Learn more.

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Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District