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Our Events

It feels like there is always something happening at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. Check out the this overview of our regularly scheduled activities. Most programs and events require advance ticketing.

Note: Some events are virtual. Please call 216.862.8803 or email if you have questions.


November 5Passholder Urban Birding

November 8Virtual Freshwater Encounter

November 10 Hybrid Homeschool: Habitat Health

November 10Virtual Shark Encounter

November 11Middle School Career Day

November 16Virtual Shark Encounter

November 17Hybrid Homeschool: Food Webs & Invasive Species

November 18Virtual Freshwater Encounter

November 22Virtual Shark Encounter

November 24High School Career Day 

November 25 – Closed (Thanksgiving)

November 26 – 29Black Friday – Cyber Monday Online Deals

November 24 – December 24Fantastic Finn Golden Ticket Giveaway

November 29 & 30 – Media Mornings (by invitation only)

November 30Virtual Freshwater Encounter


December 2Virtual Shark Encounter

December 7Virtual Freshwater Encounter 

December 8Hybrid Homeschool: Who’s Hungry?

December 13Virtual Freshwater Encounter

December 14Virtual Shark Encounter

December 15Hybrid Homeschool: Animal Care

December 18 – 22Scuba Claus Meet & Greet Days

December 22Virtual Freshwater Encounter 

December 23Virtual Shark Encounter

December 24 – Close at 2pm

December 25 – Closed

December 28Middle School Career Day

December 31 – New Year’s Eve (open 10am – 5pm)


January 1 – New Year’s Day (open 10am – 5pm)

January 12Hybrid Homeschool: Animals on the Move (Grades K-3)

January 17High School Career Day (in-person)

January 19Hybrid Homeschool: Coral Reef & Invertebrate Exploration (Grades 4- 8)

January 19Fantastic Finn Passholder Kids’ Club: Coastal Enrichment (online)


February 9Hybrid Homeschool: Camouflage & Creepy Colors (Grades K-3)

February 16Hybrid Homeschool: Fins, Tails, Scales & Beaks (Grades 4-8)

February 21Middle School Career Day (in-person)


March 16Hybrid Homeschool: Am I A Fish? (Grades K-3)

March 23Hybrid Homeschool: Ohio Conservation (Grades 4-8)


April 15Middle School Career Day (in-person)

April 18High School Career Day (in-person)