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Shark at Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Homeschool Classes

Educator-led sessions: 10:15-11:30am OR 1:15-2:30pm.

Program fee includes Aquarium admission for exploration following the program. Parents are encouraged to register and participate in the program. Space available to enjoy a packed lunch.

If you’re a family interested in virtual programs, look here.


$11 per child/student
$8 per child/student Passholder

Free (Passholder adult and sibling under age 2)

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Shark Superstars (Grades K-3)

10:15 - 11:30am

Why do sharks have sharp teeth? How do the hunt for prey? Are they as scary as they seem? Learn about their unique features and behaviors, make a shark craft and discover what makes sharks superstars of the ocean.

Shark Savvy Scientists (Grades 4-8)

10:15 - 11:30am

How many teeth do sharks grow in their lifetime? What adaptations equip sharks to function as ocean apex predators? Discover what makes sharks unique, why many are on the endangered species list, and what we do to help ensure the survival of sharks on Earth.

Super Senses (Grades K-3)

1:15 - 2:30pm

Explore the world of sight, sound, smell and touch. Catfish have tastebuds covering their whole body! Sharks can sense electric currents! We will use our own senses to help us explore the amazing world of animal senses and learn how different animals rely on these to survive.

Sensational Surroundings (Grades 4-8)

1:15 - 2:30pm

Imagine having a sense to detect the muscle movements of nearby fish. Picture what the world looks like from an octopus’s point of view with 250 sensory inputs on every arm. Discover the sensational array of senses found in the animal world, and how humans use technology and equipment to explore underwater worlds.

Monday, March 18, 2024

Animal Arts and Crafts (Grades K-3)

10:15 - 11:30am

Get crafty and creative in this arts and crafts class. Join us in creating multiple animal crafts through the morning, and learn about the real aquatic animals that inspire our art.

Aquatic Artists (Grades 4-8)

10:15 - 11:30am

Explore the intersection of art and science in this hands-on, crafty class. Create multiple crafts inspired by aquatic animals.

Life Cycles (Grades K-3)

1:15 - 2:30pm

Do baby animals always look like their parents? How many stages do tadpoles go through before becoming frogs? Explore the lifecycles of freshwater and ocean animals to observe how they grow. Discover the rainbow transformation of a parrotfish, marvel over the metamorphosis of tadpole to frog and learn about tiny fish fry that look like miniature versions of their mom and dad.

Classified (Grades 4-8)

1:15 - 2:30pm

Are corals and jellies related? What’s the difference between a seahorse and a seadragon? Does a sea cucumber have a family tree? Explore systems scientists use to categorize living organisms. Sort out orders, phylums, families and species. Use a dichotomous key to sort and identify aquatic species and relish both the biodiversity and the similarities of life on Earth.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Water Cycle Wonders (Grades K-3)

10:15 - 11:30am

Where does water go when it rains? How does it get back to the clouds? Join us for an exciting journey through the water cycle and learn about the importance of water in our lives. Explore the different types of water, learn about the stages of the water cycle and build a water cycle bracelet to take home.

Urban H2O (Grades 4-8)

10:15 - 11:30am

What is a watershed? Where does water go after we flush? Compare the traditional water cycle with the urban water cycle, figure out how runoff carries pollutants to the lake and learn about ways you can be an environmental steward to keep our watershed healthy.

Feathery Friends (Grades K-3)

1:15 - 2:30pm

What makes birds special? How are they different from other animals? Why do they have feathers? Discover the answers to these and other questions as we search for birds both inside and outside of the Aquarium. Try out your observation skills, practice using binoculars to see up-close and learn to identify a few different bird species during this avian adventure.  Please dress for the weather as parts of this program take place outdoors.

Cleveland Flats Habitats (Grades 4-8)

1:15 - 2:30pm

The Flats may not be the first place you’d think to look for birds, but this urban setting is home to a surprising number of avian species. Put your observation skills to the test, helping spot and identify different birds, gain confidence using binoculars for up-close views and help log data for participatory science.  Please dress for the weather as parts of this program take place outdoors.


Email or call 216.862.8803 x 7715.

Homeschool FAQs

If I have an Annual Pass, do I need to register for the homeschool class?

Yes, due to the capacity of our classroom space, and to keep the tour group size manageable, we ask all guests participating in the program to register, including students, adults and siblings.

I have a student in each class, do I need an adult to accompany each class?

As long as one adult is onsite during the classes, it is okay to register the adult with just one of the two classes.

Is there space to eat lunch?

Yes, there is space available to eat packed lunch. Please note there are no food vendors on-site.

Does the program fee include Aquarium admission?

Yes, you are welcome to stay and tour the Aquarium after the program.

Our homeschool co-op exceeds the program capacity, what options do we have?

Check out Co-op Class options.