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High School Career Day

Whether you’re merely interested in aquatic life or you have a specific aquarium career in mind and want to make sure it’s the right path for you, high school students are invited to investigate these opportunities as part of High School Career Day.

You’ll meet team members who perform a variety of jobs to keep the Aquarium running, find out what they wanted to do at your age, and how their career journey brought them here. Discuss the different opportunities and options that you may want to look into for your own path. We’ll touch on topics such as college majors, resumes and marine-related jobs outside of aquariums. Join us for this career-focused program as your own adventure starts to come more into focus.

This program is recommended for students entering grades 9-12. If you are a middle school student interested in career programs, look here. Parents and siblings are welcome to book regular admission tickets for the same day, and are invited to self-tour the Aquarium exhibits during the program.

Available Dates

Monday, October 11 | 9am-12pm

Wednesday, November 24 | 9am-12pm


General High School Student $30
Passholder High School Student $20