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Homeschool Programs

Homeschool Wednesdays 2019-20

Each Homeschool Wednesday offers 2 simultaneous sessions:
10am – 12pm (grades K-3)
10am – 12pm (grades 4-8)

  • Both sessions focus on a similar topic (listed below), and contain unique activities appropriate for each age category.
    • Grades K – 3 participate in a story time, craft and Aquarium tour
    • Grades 4 – 8 participate in a learning lab and Aquarium tour
  • Adults are expected to stay for the program, and are encouraged to participate with their student(s).
  • Families are invited to bring a packed lunch and eat in our group lunch area following the program.
  • Homeschool program covers admission for the entire day; please feel welcome to explore the Aquarium on your own following the program.

$10.95 per student
$8.95 per student Passholder
$14.95 per adult
$8.95 per adult Passholder
$8.95 per child (age 2-4)

Incredible Invertebrates (Grades K-3)
Wednesday, October 2

Did you know that urchins will cover themselves with rocks for protection? Or that anemones contain stinging cells, just like corals and jellies? Or that the octopus is intelligent enough to unscrew jars and interact with toys? While none of those animals have a backbone and we generally think of them as simple creatures, they live complex lives full of unique adaptations. Arrive with a curiosity for our spineless sea creatures and leave as a dedicated fan of all things invertebrates. At the end of the program, we’ll drop in on the older students’ session to catch a glimpse of their squid dissections.

Where's the Ink? What's Inside a Squid? (Grades 4-8)
Wednesday, October 2

Learn what sea anemone, octopus, sea stars and sea urchins all have in common. Figure out how scientists sort these animals.  Test your scientific skills identifying these invertebrates and others, as you travel through the Aquarium. Finish the invertebrate study by dissecting a squid and discovering what is inside.

Locals of the Lake (Grades K-3)
Wednesday, December 4

Ohio is home to quite the variety of spectacular species. In an increasingly urbanized landscape, our local habitats provide refuge and shelter to an abundance of fascinating creatures. Help us build an Ohio freshwater habitat and a saltwater coral reef habitat using magnets, and see what makes them different. Learn about the natural and human-induced threats our native landscapes face. Discover why it’s so important to conserve and protect our native wildlife, and find out ways you can help from home.

Water Quality Inspectors (Grades 4-8)
Wednesday, December 4

Take a walk along the scenic Cuyahoga River and uncover the history that has shaped this waterway. Test the river’s pH, turbidity and its phosphate, nitrate and dissolved oxygen levels. Use this data to determine if the river is healthy or polluted.  Take a close look at the Ohio animals that depend on healthy water. Discover how people can help make our river better for the future.

Turtle & Tortoise (Grades K-3)
Wednesday, February 5

While they may look similar at first glance, turtles and tortoises are different animals that are easy to tell apart with a little practice. Help us find and identify all of our resident shelled reptiles, touch a couple of different species yourselves in a private encounter, and create your own tortoise from craft materials to take home. While on the Aquarium tour, we’ll extend our research and see how our turtles and tortoises are different from amphibians and other reptiles residing here.

Reptile Respect (Grades 4-8)
Wednesday, February 5

What is the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? Why do snakes shed their skin? How long can a turtle live? Learn this and more as we study scaly creatures. Take a close up look at the reptile residents here at the Aquarium. Discover the threats that these animals face around the world and determine what people can do to help protect these amazing animals.

Homeschool Mondays

Homeschool Mondays run all day 10am – 5pm (last admission at 4pm).
Advance registration required.


  • Aquarium admission for the day
  • Themed scavenger hunts (K-3 version & 4-8 version)
  • Themed make-and-take educational craft
  • Themed 30-minute mini-programs led by Aquarium educators (11:30am & 1pm)
  • Themed guided tours led by Aquarium staff (10:15am) (*first come, first served – sign-up sheet at check-in)
  • Adults are expected to stay for the program, and are encouraged to participate with student(s)

$10.95 per student
$8.95 per student Passholder
$14.95 per adult
$8.95 per adult Passholder
$8.95 per child (age 2-4)

Aquatic Appetites
Monday, October 21, 2019

Discover how animals become predators or avoid being prey. See who is a carnivore, who is an omnivore and who is an herbivore! Take a close up look at some aquatic food chains and learn how key species keep the ecosystem in balance.

Awesome Adaptations
Monday, November 18, 2019

With so many different animals on exhibit, it’s no wonder there are endless examples of different adaptations, whether it is camouflage, sharp teeth, venomous spines or something else entirely. Discover the fascinating ways creatures live and see the variety of creative methods used not only to survive, but thrive.

Extraordinary Ecosystems
Monday, January 20, 2020

Individual animals comprise portions of an overall structure, called an ecosystem. Discover what biotic and abiotic factors make up the ecosystems represented at the Aquarium, and how every single part has an important role to play.

Sharks & Rays
Monday, March 9, 2020

Sharks and rays are essential part of our ocean ecosystems. Uncover the similarities of sharks and rays, and learn how they differ from other fish. Figure out what people can do at home to help with the conservation of these impressive creatures!


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