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Hybrid Homeschool Programs

  • Each program includes a 45-minute virtual program on Zoom from 10am – 10:45am on the dates listed below. The Zoom link will be sent the week of the program.
  • If you’d like to also visit in-person to supplement the Zoom program, self-guided materials related to the program topic will be provided for the day of your visit and emailed with the Zoom link.
  • Cost includes the virtual program and in-person admission. Each individual planning to visit in-person will need to be registered.
  • Your program registration will act as your ticket for in-person admission. Please bring your registration with you to show the front desk upon entry.
  • We recommend visiting in-person within 30 days after the virtual program.

If you’re a family interested in virtual programs, look here.


$10.95 per child/student
$8.95 per child/student Passholder
$14.95 per adult
$8.95 per adult Passholder

Animals on the Move (Grades K-3)
Wednesday, January 12 @ 10am

How do animals move around their home? Why do the feet of turtles and tortoises look different? Why do some fish have big fins, while other fish have almost no fins? Can a sea star move? Do all birds have the same wings? Animals have many different adaptations to help them navigate the habitats in which they live. See some of these adaptations in action, as we look at animals exploring their Aquarium habitats!

Coral Reef & Invertebrate Exploration (Grades 4-8)
Wednesday, January 19 @10am

Some of the most incredible adaptations found in nature belong to animals that are often overlooked. Creatures such as sea stars, urchins and coral might not be as big and flashy as other aquatic inhabitants, but they survive and thrive in amazing ways. Join us as we take a closer look at some of the Aquarium’s invertebrates with a heavy emphasis on the coral reefs where many of them reside to learn why this biodiverse and vibrant habitat is worth our appreciation and protection.

Camouflage & Crazy Colors (Grades K-3)
Wednesday, February 9 @ 10am

What is camouflage? Why are some animals dark and dull colors, while other animals are bright and colorful colors? Are any animals able to change colors? Join us as we find out how a variety of colors and patterns help different animals survive.

Fins, Tails, Scales & Beaks (Grades 4-8)
Wednesday, February 16 @10am

Why are some fish long and thin while others are flat and round? Why do turtles and tortoises have different looking feet? Why are some frogs perfectly camouflaged while others display vivid colorations? All animals have physical adaptations that have specific purposes, including humans! We’ll dive into why animals look the way they do as we explore the Aquarium, and you can ask questions along the way.

Am I a Fish? (Grades K-3)
Wednesday, March 16 @ 10am

What makes an animal a fish? Are sea stars, moon jellies, and coral fish? What about seahorses, sharks and eels? Discover the unique adaptations of fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds and invertebrates and use observation skills to investigate these animals on our interactive Aquarium adventure.

Ohio Conservation (Grades 4-8)
Wednesday, March 23 @10am

Northeast Ohio has many different animal habitats including lakes, rivers, ponds and marshes. They provide for a healthy diversity of wildlife. However, some of these habitats haven’t always been viable for animals to call home. Start outside at the Cuyahoga River, covering its tumultuous history and inspiring recovery. Then journey through the Aquarium’s freshwater galleries, with an emphasis on the animals from Ohio and another conservation story involving the spotted turtle.


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