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Homeschool Experiences

Homeschool Experiences

Each Homeschool Class offers 2 simultaneous sessions:
10:15am –11:30am (grades 4-8)
10:15am – 11:30am (grades K-3)

  • Each session contains unique, age-appropriate activities.
  • Sessions begin promptly at 10:15am, please arrive on time.
  • Adults are expected to stay and participate in the program with their students.
  • Class fee includes the program PLUS Aquarium admission for the full day. Please feel welcome to explore the galleries more thoroughly after class.
  • The classroom will remain available for 30min following the program.
  • Please feel welcome to bring and eat a packed lunch. Zero waste lunches are highly encouraged.

Advance registration is required. 

Student: $11
Passholder student: $8
Adult: $11
Passholder adult: $8
Sibling child (age 2-4): $11
Passholder sibling child (ages 2-4): $8

Guests younger than age 2 are free.

CSI (Grades K-3)
Monday, March 13 or Tuesday, March 14, 10:15 -11:30am

Investigate how living things have adaptations to help them get oxygen, find food, use water and seek shelter. Which animals breathe with lungs and which breathe with gills? Is there a fish that actually spits water to hunt? Who has the most impressive camouflage? Observe hundreds of amazing animal adaptations on a guided scavenger hunt through the Aquarium.

Food Chain Program (Grades 4-8)
Monday, March 13 or Tuesday, March 14, 10:15 -11:30am

After working as a team to build both a freshwater and saltwater food chain, journey into the Aquarium to find out what animals eat. Learn how certain animals avoid becoming prey by utilizing venomous spines, poisonous glands, incredible camouflage and more. Explore what and how aquatic producers, herbivores, carnivores and omnivores eat. Discover how humans fit into the food chain too!

Career Days

Are you a middle school or high school homeschool student? Check out our Career Day programs.


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Some programs presented in partnership with:

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